Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ashlee and Kyle maternity photography by Aaron Whitfield

Kyle and Ashlee maternity photo session at Ferry Island, Terrace, BC, Canada. Aaron Whitfield photography.

Congratulations to Ashlee and Kyle who are expecting a baby in a few short weeks. 

We had a fun maternity photo session at Ferry Island in Terrace, BC. The night before this pre-arranged shoot, I was playing in a hockey game and was hit with the puck from a hard slap shot that struck the side of my knee where there is little or no padding. Despite icing and elevating, I still woke up with a swollen joint that couldn't bend or withstand any weight pressure. Not being able to walk, I used my hockey stick as a cane to hobble around. After an X-ray confirmed it was not cracked or broken, I met up with Ashlee and Kyle who had tracked down a pair of crutches for me to use. My wife and kids joined us for the shoot, as an extra set of hands is not only a help, but an essential, when hobbling around on crutches.

Ashlee and I have known each other for a while as co-workers at Northern Escape Heli-Skiing. I had met Kyle through Ashlee at work gatherings. They both looked great and were a pleasure to work with. It was nice to photograph them together and capture this special time in their lives with the baby on the way.

All the best with everything Ashlee and Kyle. I hope you like the images! AW.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sarah and Larry family portrait photography by Aaron Whitfield in Terrace, BC, Canada.

On a beautiful weekday afternoon in September, I met up with Larry, Sarah and their three children as they headed out for a walk in a nearby park. We took the opportunity to snap some photos of their family.

With three children four-years-old and younger, it is a challenge to say the least, to get them all in one place, and sitting still paying attention. At this age they are all growing so quickly, it is invaluable to get some great shots to have now and in the future to look back on. We didn't push hard for the little ones to sit for group family shots, we just had a lot of fun and went with the flow. Having fun with a nice family in a beautiful spot will naturally lead to great photo opportunities. With patience, persistence and making the most of each moment, we ended up with some really nice photographs that represent this special time in their lives.