Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Amy and Joel get hitched!

Newlyweds, Amy and Joel Sibthorpe

I have a long standing history with Bow Cycle and Sports, so when the son of the founding family, Joel Sibthorpe, called and asked if I would photograph his fall wedding in Cochrane, Alberta, it was an honour and a no brainer that I would be there.

His bride, Amy, looked gorgeous and the beautiful weather helped to create a memorable day to celebrate their coming together as husband and wife.

Here is a sneak peak of some images captured on their special day...

Love at first sight.

The wedding party!

I do.

Luna was all smiles as her parents got hitched.

Happy family

Congratulations Amy and Joel !!!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Year-end heliskiing photography slideshow 2015

Working as a heli-ski photographer at Northern Escape Heli-Skiing is a great opportunity to experience the incredible scenery of the Skeena mountains and the world class ski and snowboard terrain only accessible via helicopter or snowcat.

It is an honour to be out in these mountains, skiing with guests from around the world, giving the option to have professional photography of them on their heliski vacation.

For skiers and snowboarders, the winter of 2015 proved to be a challenging one across much of western North America with many ski areas closed due to lack of snow and variable conditions.

In the mountains around Terrace, in northwestern British Columbia, Canada, we certainly had our challenges, but we managed to make the most of it and had some great turns from the first to last day of the season.

Click play on the slideshow below to check out some of Aaron Whitfield's images from this winter.

Click here for the video in HD and other work by Aaron Whitfield and Red Bike Media.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt 2015

Happy Easter from the Whitfield's in Terrace, BC!!!

The Easter Bunny brought chalk paint... :)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hobiyee 2015, Gingolx, BC, Canada

Hobiyee is an annual celebration of culture for the Nisga'a Nation. This year's celebration "Honoring Our Grandmothers," was hosted by the Nisga'a Village of Gingolx, a quaint coastal village located in northwest British Columbia, Canada, but a stone's throw from the Alaskan panhandle.

Although the rain came down steady in the fog ridden inlet, the rhythmic drumming, singing and dancing inside was heartwarming and uplifting. The traditional outfits and costumes worn by the elders, drummers and dancers, young and old alike, were beautiful and ornate.

The stories were told from generations passed on and the youth had the opportunity to take it all in and "don't forget" was the message as the elder telling the story was told by his ancestors.

The Hobiyee celebrations are traditionally at the end of February celebrating the return of the Oolichan fish to the rivers bringing the first opportunity to replenish food stores. The Oolichan are small oily fish that are the food source of a variety of prey up the food chain and are used in a variety of ways by the Nisga'a people including making oil. To the delight of the Nisga'a, the Oolichan are followed closely by Spring Salmon, and many other species of sea life and birds looking for a meal after a long winter.

Click here for more images!

To read a more detailed traditional explanation of Hobiyee as told by the Nisga'a, click the link below.


Nisga'a fisherman harvesting Oolichan on the Nass River.
Oolichan ferment in a holding tank to be cooked down for other uses.


Click here for more images!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

NEH Staff Ski Day 2015

The season at Northern Escape Heli-Skiing kicked off with a staff ski day in their Cat-Skiing back-up tenure. One of the perks of working for a heli-ski lodge that has Cat-Skiing back-up, is the opportunity for staff to get out to celebrate their passion for skiing and snowboarding in the mountains. 

Northern Escape flew their staff out to, "Catland," for a day of fun and shredding powder during staff training week. No better way to test out the operation than have the people involved get a taste of the goods. A solid team is in place to make world class skiing and snowboarding happen in the Skeena Mountains, near Terrace, BC, and make the most of what mother nature serves up for the winter of 2015.

Guiding staff have a quick chat about logistics.

Guide Yvan Sabourin.

Hugo Skishop is stoked for the day.
Amy Ross snaps a pic of the fun.

Guide Owen Day checks altitude in the heli as he arrives in Catland, greeted by guide Mikey Olsthoorn.

Massage practitioner, Heather Park, is stoked to be out ripping it up in the mountains.

Pilot Darren Pedersen flew the crew in and out in the Skyline Koala Helicopter and aired it out on the snow in between.
Cat Operations manager, Chad Hamilton, grabs some airtime.

Ski shop expert, Jono Eastwell, rides the pow.

Breakfast chef, Kassandra Davis, gets some.
Chad Hamilton takes his turn driving the cat and loading skis.

Guide Oyvind Aanes, from Norway.

New to the guiding staff this year is Dave Healey.
Being out in the mountains skiing with friends is as good as it gets.

Four amigos salute the mountain after a great day.